Guanabana (Soursop)Annona muricata

Sweet creams from Southeast Asia

Guanabana, or Soursop, is native to the tropical Americas. Due to its health effects, it is used as a medicinal herb in its original countries.

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Function Description

The pulp of guanabana is an excellent source of fibre, calcium, iron and vitamins A, B, and C. With low calories and acidity, soursop is also easily digestible and full of natural glucose. The fruit is also applicable to smoothies and other preparations to give them more texture and works as a meat replacer for vegan diets.

Sensory Description

Texture: creamy, gritty, mushy

Colour: white, milky, greyish

  • sweet
  • sour
  • bitter
  • salty
  • umami
  • sharp
  • astringent
  • cooling

The milky guanabana puree has slight yellow and grey reflections. With a special exotic and slightly fruity aroma, the fruit resembles ripe banana, pear, and lychee. Guanabana also has flowery nuances of chamomile, light and sweet brioche, and fresh yogurt. The creamy consistency fills the palate with a fine balance between sweetness and pleasant acidity, and it remains persistently on the tongue.

Tasty texture

Market Potentials

The medicinal properties of guanabana are widely explored within the market of natural and healthy beverages and food. The fruit can refine baked goods, juices, and desserts. Besides that, a growing demand is the fruit beers, searched by consumers who want to avoid the bad effects of alcohol. The use of guanabana as a meat replacer is also a new trend to be explored.

Origin and Producer

The guanabana (soursop) fruit is obtained from tropextrakt from Vietnam, Malaysia, and Colombia. Although the offer comes from different parts of the world, buying guanabana as a whole fruit is difficult. Its fruity body is extremely sensitive to pressure in the mature state, making it very difficult to be transported. However, the guanabana puree can be processed without any loss of quality and applied to different products.


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