We are proud of our products, which are natural and of the finest quality. Our customers are primarily industrial producers of food and dietary supplements. They have precisely defined requirements for the quality of our raw materials and for our suppliers. A major part of these requirements is defined by laws, regulations and quality standards and is reflected in concepts such as “quality assurance” and “food law”, without which our work would be inconceivable. In addition, there are the individual wishes and expectations of our customers, as well as our own quality criteria, which are described in more detail below.

We have developed and implemented a release system for our quality management. It ensures that customers’ wishes and the defined legal minimum requirements are satisfied on all the controllable levels of the food chain between primary production and delivery to the customer. This system is continuously developed and adapted.



Transparent from the country of origin to the jam jar at home.

Our work and the origin of the raw materials imported by us must be perfectly transparent and verifiable at all times, in order to increase/improve food safety. To this end, we have to document where we have delivered which foodstuffs. On the other hand, we must be able to prove where our raw materials come from. This enables us to find the cause of a problem quickly.

We devote a lot of time to auditing our producing partners and attach value to getting to know them personally. Even when we have worked with our partners for many years, we are regularly on the spot for quality inspections. We are happy to take our customers with us – directly on trips and via reports in our BLOG. This allows them to get their own idea of important aspects of production, such as occupational safety, working conditions, hygiene and sustainability. Transparency is one of our most important corporate values by which we measure ourselves.

We stand for innovation.

Anyone who breaks new ground has to build trust.

Our work is all about unfamiliar taste experiences: Our raw materials from exotic fruits are later used in our customers’ innovative products.  This means that we often have to break new ground where there is not yet an established way of doing things. There is a global shortage of an exclusive citrus fruit? The newly developed product is supposed to have a particular texture? There are problems with harmful substances in individual countries? Our task and specialism is to control the quality of innovations.

HERE, WE WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO THE HEAD OF OUR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT.  tropextrakt GmbH has its own Quality Management Department, in which extensive processes are monitored and documented every day. We spoke to the Head of the Quality Management Department, Karoline Kehrer, about her day-to-day work.

A practical example: it is frequently not done with the selection of the best producers. On a project basis, it may be necessary to provide our producing partners with training and thus to help them to produce products which meet our quality standards. We frequently inform them in good time about trends, so that they can adjust to these with the range and the development of their products.

This knowledge transfer works in both directions: we frequently bring ideas for new taste experiences, products and applications home with us from our trips and from the personal contact with our producers.



From the sustainable trade to the clean label: we stand for naturalness

We believe in natural, healthy, safe and fair food which has been processed as carefully as possible.

The trend towards a “clean label”, i.e. towards food without artificial ingredients such as artificial flavourings, without genetic engineering or e-numbers, is now impossible to ignore.

Due to the latest food safety scandals, the increasing demand for cleaner labelling is primarily a reaction to the consumers’ mistrust of the food industry. Consumers are increasingly interested in where their products come from and how they are produced. They are looking for natural alternatives and would like to understand the composition of their food.15 years ago, tropextrakt set itself the task of finding natural solutions and promoting the development of these. These solutions aim to be at least as efficient as the synthetic substitutes and to be suitable for a wide variety of applications.

This is, for example, the case when synthetic substances are used for functional purposes in food, for example synthetic vitamin C, also known as E 300, which is used in bread to improve the baking properties. Natural vitamin C, which occurs in a high concentration in the tropical acerola fruit, is a natural alternative to the synthetic vitamin C. In this area, we have, for example, successfully supported the changeover in a leading Dutch bakery chain with our products. As you can see from this example, innovation and naturalness should ideally support one another.

We work with producers and suppliers which operate in a socially and ethically sustainable manner. tropextrakt GmbH is itself a member of Sedex. Sedex provides member companies with a secure web-based platform for the storage and exchange of information on four main pillars: health and safety, labour standards, business integrity and the environment.


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