The base of our work

Since our foundation in 2002, tropextrakt has been specialized in the import and distribution of exotic specialities and niche products. Our ingredients serve customers from the beverage, food, nutritional supplements and dairy industries in more than 40 countries. Most of our producing partners are from Latin America and Asia. Together, we ensure compliance with European quality standards and food laws. Our headquarters is located in Frankfurt (Germany), and we also have sales offices in Poland, Spain, and UK.

Our team also creates authentic recipes in our Idea Lab. From there, they take care of the company’s younger brother: tpxdrinks, our service for customized development of products.


Our partner Antonio can show you how the products develop from the plantation to the market:

Sales Team

International & Germany

Karoline Kehrer

Business Development

Felix Schwarz

Business Development

Marcus Richter

Key Account Manager


Kinga Trojan

Sales Manager

Aleksander Piekarski

Sales Manager

         UK & Ireland

Regina Tayar-Watson

Sales Manager

Samples Management

Arta Alii

Samples Manager

Marie Heck


General Manager

Ingo Kniepert

Quality Management

Lena Frank

Quality Manager

Christina Försch

Quality Manager

Alexander Liebert

Quality Manager

Order & Logistics

Alexander Schmidt

Head of Order and Logistics

Sebastian Baumhauer

Order and Logistics Manager

Laura Heberer

Order and Logistics Manager

Beverage Development

Jacqueline Palm

Head of Product Development

Dominick Hoffmann

Product Developer

Tolga Yazici

Supply Chain Manager

& PR

Leticia Tavares

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Process & Data Management

Benedikt Sohn

Process and Data Manager


Juliana Posada Vanegas


Liliana Ginsky

(in memoriam)

Corporate values

We stand for embodied diversity

We believe the world can only truly shine in all its diversity, and we draw great inspiration from regional and country-specific cultures. By working within a multicultural team and with producers and customers from all over the world, we experience and learn from cultural differences and similarities. Our daily work is driven by openness, acceptance, and respect.

We work hard to build trust

Good relationships develop over time and are based on trust. This reliability with our customers and producing partners comes from a work with friendliness, professionalism, fast response times, orderliness, and strong service orientation. Internally, we also place trust individually, believing that each employee is doing their best. We work with freedom, openness, and collaborating with each other.

We are growing sustainably

Our goal is to have a strong and consistent presence within the sector with innovative products and ideas. We strive for a positive company growth and a long-term success, not short-term or short-sighted gains. This forms the basis for our day-to-day entrepreneurial decisions – whether they involve our relationships with customers, developing new company divisions, or making investment decisions.

Premium Partners

duas rodas and sima arome logos

To ensure the best quality products, we develop our partnerships carefully, keeping an even closer relationship with our premium producing partners.

Since more than 20 years, we work with Duas Rodas. Founded in 1925 by German immigrants in Brazil, the company is a leader in the production of natural raw materials. Working orientated by the Fair for Life standards, they have production units and research centers in Latin America and dozens of other countries.

On the other side of the world, Sima Arôme has the finest Asian ingredients. With over 50 years of experience in the field, their manufacturing facility in Indonesia has the latest machinery and technology. The company is in constant innovation, and it is dedicated to develop the cleanest, safest and most consistent products.

If you wish to know about our other partners, please contact us.

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