LycheeLitchi chinensis

Sweet joy from Asia

“Anyone who tastes a lychee will only be happy again with the next one”. The saying from China, the original home of lychee, describes its tasty experience.

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Function Description

Besides water, lychees are mainly composed by carbs that come from sugars. The fruit hydrates the body, and it also has decent amounts of vitamins C and B and potassium.

Sensory Description

Texture: smooth, juicy, tender

Colour: white, milky, greyish

  • sweet
  • sour
  • bitter
  • salty
  • umami
  • sharp
  • astringent
  • cooling

The milky reflections of the lychee puree impress with the typical and perfect aroma of the fruit. It has fruity, floral, and exotic notes associated to fresh honeydew melon, aromatic quince, elderflower, and geranium. Its taste also resembles guanabana and mangosteen. With a pleasant sweetness that resembles to caramel and honey, the lychee puree has a long-lasting effect on the tongue.

Extraordinary taste

Market Potentials

Specially during summer, consumers look for fresh fruits that remain plump and juicy. With this feature, lychees are long known in the Southeast Asia region, and now consumed all around the globe.

Origin and Producer

The tree of lychee can get up to 20-meter-high, and it originally comes from the southern provinces of China. Most processed lychees are harvested earlier and sold cheaper. However, the tropextrakt’s traded fruit from Vietnam is harvested at the same time as those that go to the fresh-fruit market. The lychees are processed with an optimal degree of ripeness, which results in optimal flavour and taste. We also have producing partners in Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan.


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