Citrus junos, Rutaceae

Yuzu is related to the citrus fruit family and originates from China. Today most of the plantations are located in Japan and Korea. The yuzu tree is very winter-hard in contrast to other citrus trees. Its fruits have a thick shell and its fruit flesh is light yellow and not very juicy. The juice is very sour, but the aroma is excellent and unique. The fresh fruit is rarely served. The juice or small pieces are used as spicing agents or as vinegar substitutes and used for making citric acid. A rare product from Japan with a special aroma.

In Europe, yuzu juice was so far only known by the Star Chefs and Gourmets. We were the first suppliers that made the pure juice available for the food industry in Europe. In the recent past, you find a first variety of consumer products in the European market that contain the precious yuzu and its exquisite aromes. Imported by sea, we keep the “liquid gold” in 22-kg frozen containers ready for your call!

This is what characterizes the Yuzu fruit as unique: “little juicy, but particularly intense”

Only a small scratch on the peel with yellow to light orange color is required and Yuzu exudes its distinctive aroma that opens up new dimensions in the food industry: the sour-bitter-smelling fruit flesh of one fruit with the light weight of 100 grams encloses several dozen large seeds. Since the Yuzu fruit is incomparably intense and varied in taste, the description of Yuzu as a mixture between tangerine and grapefruit must be regarded as understatement. A few drops of Yuzu juice are enough to refine food and beverages with a sour, bitter and spicy touch along with the flowery aroma. However a Yuzu fruit provides only about 10 to 12 ml of juice, which explains the exclusive value of the Yuzu juice.

Pictures from a yuzu farm of one of our partners in South Korea

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A Japanese citrus fruit enchants the crowds

For several thousands of years, the Yuzu fruit has been growing in the middle Yangtze Basin in China. Only in November and December it is possible to harvest the rounded or slightly flattened Yuzu fruits. Even during this process they disperse their extremely pleasant and very complex aroma that is not to be compared with other known citrus flavors. Yuzu is suitable for the production of fresh and fruity ice cream flavors or creamy fruit yogurt and equally for first class soft drinks. Even confectionery, jams or pastry products can evolve into real high-end products, thanks to the Yuzu flavor. Due to the fresh and stimulating touch Yuzu is becoming increasingly popular for recipes of various kinds. Yuzu powder or Yuzu juice are now being used in upscale gastronomy as well as in the trendy bars of the world. Yuzu is trendy!

tropextrakt makes Yuzu Juice accessible for new creations

To buy the Yuzu fruit still turns out to be a problem in European countries, because the Yuzu is considered as exclusivity. Since it is far more complex than the lemon, tastes slightly bitter like grapefruit and yet also is reminiscent of the sweet mandarin, the juice of Yuzu is suitable to refine high-quality drinks and beverages. The complex flavors of Yuzu juice refine fruity soft drinks, cocktails and smoothies. Also top quality fruit juices or enlivening shakes receive a distinctive touch thanks to Yuzu.


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