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“Gods' Food” from the tropics

Cocoa is best known for its seeds and the chocolate made from them. Hardly anyone in our latitudes knows that the cocoa fruit pulp is really delicious.

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Function Description

Cocoa belongs to the genus Theobroma and literally means “food of the gods”. This gives an idea of how valuable the fruit was considered to be. First, cocoa liquor is made from fermented, roasted and ground beans. These process steps are important for releasing theobromine, minimizing the bitter substances and allowing the typical chocolaty aroma to develop. Like caffeine, theobromine is a methylxanthine with a stimulant effect and is probably the most important secondary plant compound in cocoa. Studies attest to a vasodilatory and mood-lifting effect.

The cocoa pulp, which encloses the seeds, has so far been used for the production of beverages.

Sensory Description

Our cocoa beans extract tastes exactly as the name suggests: intense dark cocoa, paired with sweet vanilla notes.

The cocoa puree, on the other hand, has a creamy consistency and tastes fruity and sweet. Floral and vanilla notes round out the profile. The slight acidity makes it an excellent ingredient for making juices and smoothies.

Base for chocolate

Market Potentials

The applications for our cocoa extracts are very diverse. For example, it is suitable for the development of so-called “mood food” due to its increased theobromine content. This is a new trend that describes food that can have a positive effect on people’s moods.

The cocoa pulp, or the cocoa puree obtained from it, is a raw material with natural sweetness, very suitable for the creation of drinks with a certain mouthfeel. The use of cocoa powder is recommended in baked goods, shakes, milk and milk alternatives, and desserts such as ice cream and chocolate.

Are you interested in further sweet tasting fruits for your preparations? Then how about cocoa’s closest relative Cupuaçu or Feijoa?

Origin and Producer

Cocoa trees only grow within 20 degrees of latitude around the equator, and also require nutrient-rich soil and plenty of water. Under optimal conditions, 20–25 fruits can be harvested, weighing up to 500 grams.

Under the leathery, hard shell, the cocoa beans are arranged in 5 rows and encased by the pulp. Both our cocoa extract and cocoa puree are sourced from South America.


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