Natural Extracts of exotic ingredients

Fruit and plant extracts are rich in bioactive compounds such as polyphenols and carotenoids. They benefit human health and enhance beverages, nutritional supplements and food applications. Botanical extracts can be used to flavor baked goods, color beverages, extend shelf life and more.

Tamarind Extract


With a typical flavor and as a rich source of antioxidants, tamarind extract can bring benefits to human health.

Cinnamon Extract


Besides the flavor, the cinnamon extract has anti-viral, bacterial and fungal properties.

Galangal Extract


Similar to ginger, galgant extract supports the digestive system and may protect against infections.

Telang Extract


Telang extract (butterfly pea extract) gives natural fantasy-blue color to preparations. Legal for food supplements.

Pandan Extract


In traditional medicines, the pandan extract is used for pain relief. With a flavor compared to vanilla, the pandan leaves have an intense green color and are rich in chlorophyll.

Lemongrass Extract

lemon grass

Lemongrass extract is known for its stress relief properties, being also used to treat digestive and circulation problems.

Cardamom Extract


With several vitamins and minerals, the cardamom extract is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and action on blood pressure.

Vanilla Extract


Widely used in western cuisine, the vanilla extract gives an aromatic touch to baked goods and desserts. We only use vanilla from Java.

Organic Spirulina Extract


Spirulina extract can be used as natural blue/green coloring in food and beverage applications.

Panax Ginseng Extract


Boosting energy and lowering sugar and cholesterol levels, the panax ginseng extract is perfect for application in functional products.

Hibiscus Extract


The hibiscus extract is rich in Anthocyanins and Anthocyanidins, beta-carotene and vitamin C, like acerola. It is used as an immunity booster.

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