Ilex paraguariensis, Aquaifoliaceae

In Europe, Mate is currently setting the trend for a new generation of energy drinks called “Green Energy”. In contrast to artificial or natural caffeine, which is a highly processed product made out of coffee, mate is a “complete” natural product. Due to the gentle processing, it still contains other ingredients that improve the absorption of caffeine. Valuable ingredients such as polyphenols and theobromine cause an additional positive health effect. Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, mate can be almost referred to as a dietary supplement. The mate that is distributed by tropextrakt is standardized with regard to caffeine, polyphenols and theobromine, so that the positive effect of these substances may be claimed on consumer products.

The taste of the green, unroasted mate, the yerba mate, is determined by green herbal aromas reminiscent of green tea, and appear slightly bitter and astringent. In soft drinks and juices, Mate can be combined very well with fruit and citrus notes. With its activating effect, Mate is predestined for use in energy drinks and nutritional supplements. But also confectionery such as sweets or chocolate as well as teas get a distinctive and tasty flavor.

We see further great potential for the future in the application to dairy products. The taste of Mate reminds of green tea, which is already very popular as ice cream that is served in sushi bars and exclusive restaurants.

Mate, San Ignacio Mini, Argentina

Mate tree: endless green

Mate is an evergreen plant native to the subtropical regions of South America such as southern Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. In the countries of origin, mate is very popular and is consumed as hot or cold tea. As an ancient “cultural asset” many stories and myths from the indigenous culture of Brazil relate to Mate.

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