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Our natural raw materials offer you an opportunity to explore things that are far away, and our team guides you through every step of the journey. The exotic ingredients for beverages, food, nutritional supplements and dairy products help you develop products with new flavors and natural functions that stand out on the shelves!

To ensure the highest quality exotic ingredients, we develop our partnerships carefully, maintaining an even closer relationship with our premium producing partners. From Latin America, our top-selling extracts come from Duas Rodas. From the other side of the world, Sima Arôme supports us with the finest Asian raw materials.

Within our portfolio, you can find fruit powders, liquid and powder extracts, purees, juice concentrates, NFC juices and other forms of exotic ingredients for various applications.

Exotic Fruits, Botanical Extracts and more:

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Citrofortunella microcarpa / Citrus microcarpa

Special feature: Bitter-sweet taste



Citrus junos siebold ex tanaka

Special feature: Citric taste explosion

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The possibilities for Exotic Ingredients in Beverages and Food is much richer

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