TPX News: tropextrakt at Vitafoods 2018 in Genf

From 15 to 17 May 2018, we will be exhibitor at the Vitafoods Europe trade show in Genf. We are located in the German Pavilion at stand number H 102. Vitafoods Europe focuses on nutraceutical ingredients as well as related products and services. Visitors state that Vitafoods Europe is perceived as the most comprehensive trade fair in the world, presenting the entire global nutraceutical supply chain. tropextrakt will present a variety of raw materials, in particular acerola powder and guarana extract as well as açai, mate and maqui products.

Presenting the finest raw materials, in particular acerola powder and guarana extract

Acerola powder is as a first class vitamin C-supplier to a broad range of products. Acerola cherries have one of the highest concentrated vitamin C quantity that is known in the area of fruits. tropextrakt will present its raw material products jointly with its partner firm Duas Rodas. It is the largest flavor house of Latin America and is represented by tropextrakt in selected European countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland. Together, tropextrakt and Duas Rodas focus on 100% natural ingredients for dietary supplements as well as for the food and beverage industry. Using natural raw ingredients enables producers to pass on E-labels that are connected with rising unpopularity, as they are perceived to be unhealthy and artificial by a growing number of customers.

Additional services for the nutraceutical industry offered by tropextrakt

In the area of related services, tropextrakt presents its capabilities to develop drinkable dietary supplements. In our own application laboratories, a team of beverage technologists work out innovative recipes and successful solutions for a fast-growing industry.

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