Mate – green energy pushes new generation of healthy drinks

In Europe, Mate is currently setting the trend for a new generation of energy drinks called “Green Energy”. In contrast to artificial or natural caffeine, which is a highly processed product made from coffee, mate is a “completely” natural product. Due to the gentle processing, it still contains other ingredients that improve the absorption of caffeine. The Yerba Mate which is offered by tropextrakt, comes from Brazil and is produced by Duas Rodas, an international power house with nearly 100 years of experience in the gentle production of extracts and essences.

A huge variety of newly launched mate products has recently entered the market. See for yourself in our picture gallery



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In our video (in German), our beverage technologists, will give you more insights into the current trends and the key success factors when using Mate as an ingredient in beverage development.

Note: the taste of the green, unroasted mate, the yerba mate, is determined by green herbal aromas reminiscent of green tea, and appear slightly bitter and astringent. In soft drinks and juices, Mate can be combined perfectly with fruit and citrus notes. With its stimulating effect, Mate is predestined for use in energy drinks and nutritional supplements. But the distinctive and tasty flavour can also be used for tea or confectionery products such as candies or chocolate.

For future applications we also believe there is a great potential for dairy products. The taste of Mate reminds of green tea, which is already very popular as ice cream that is served in sushi bars and exclusive restaurants.

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