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Our products can inspire new ideas, amazing tastes and great functionality. It would be a shame to let such good quality go to waste. That is why we offer a selection of ingredients at a special price due to their expiration date. We guarantee their quality and safety, and our team is ready to deliver them to you as soon as possible!


Version 18.09.2023

Organic Acerola Dehydrated Powder (17% Vitamin C) – carrier Maltodextrin4017.07.202007.07.2022
Organic Acerola Dehydrated Powder (17% Vitamin C) – carrier Starch4026.05.202116.05.2023
Acerola Dehydrated Powder (32% Vitamin C)9003.02.202229.01.2023
Green Mate Powder Extract10014.06.202104.06.2023
Red Dragon Fruit Puree36030.07.202130.10.2023
Mangosteen Puree3.52005.07.202104.01.2024
Feijoa Puree (HPP)20421.12.202121.06.2023
Yuzu Peel Powder103.09.202002.09.2022
Organic Goji Juice Concentrate20010.03.202109.09.2022


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