In love with calamansi

„I am in love with Calamansi“ wrote Hans Gerlach, well known chef and columnist, „that clear flowery freshness. It’s super sweet and aromatic, but sour at the same time – even with the peelings the calamansi tastes simply delightful.“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

An enthusiastic statement trying to express an extraordinary taste: The Calamansi, also known as calamondin, limau kastuari, kalamondin and kalamansi, is a natural hybrid of mandarin and oval kumquat. The exotic citrus, scientifically named „Citrofortunella microcarpa“, hides powerful potential with a great variety of flavors under its delicate skin: sweet-sour and refreshing, reminiscent of tangerine, bitter orange, lime and pink grapefruit.

The Calamansi is considered one of the most exciting new discoveries tropextrakt presents to its customers in the coming year. What sounds like an exotic, unknown fruit today has the potential for a new taste trend in food and beverages which can already been spotted in the US and some European markets. 


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Several new Calamansi products where positioned in the US and European food market recently

We got to know calamansi as a wonderful ingredient that is able to add a unique profile to several food & beverage applications. We important Calamansi from Vietnam where is harvested throughout the whole year.

Sustainable supply chain starting with a Vietnamese tradition

In Vietnam, Calamansi is a very common fruit which is consumed very broadly in food, bakery, beverages, ice cream and is also applied to medical products. The most common ways to use calamansi is as an ingredient in noodle sauces, as a seasoning for meat and to produce refreshing soft drink and delicious jam. In the recent years, the demand from US and several European countries increased which helps the local farmers and producers.

Calamansi as a seasoning in traditional food

Good to know that Calamansi is mostly cultivated by smaller families or farmers associations which inherited their work from several generations. Calamansi is considered as key fruit on helping farmers to escape from poverty situation in Vietnam. Only the producer we work with, receives Calamansi fruits from more than 500 farmers and family businesses as well as farmers associations.

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Vietnam, spring 2018: Visiting our local producer and family businesses who cultivate Calamansi

Quality management and the ability to trace back

We take tracebility very serious. Especially with a view to the many involved family businesses and small farms, it is necessary to care for transparency. We are able to track back every batch to one of the more than 500 family farms that cultivate the fruits for our juice.

We offer pure Calamansi juice in NFC Quality. Our producer applies the following quality standards in his production processes.


In addition, he holds the following certificates regarding sustainability:





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